Our Company

Based in Peru, Gretty M. Zueger founded her designer women’s manufacturing company, Nova Textil Sourcing & Trading, in 2001. Using the best quality Peruvian cotton, she initially gained recognition throughout the United States and later worldwide for her unique embroideries with feminine, romantic touches. Her groundbreaking hidden stretch panels created a shapely fit that flattered women.

While cotton has been the company’s primary fabric for both wovens and knits, Gretty Zueger truly caused a sensation with the introduction of embroidered cotton in silk. This new collection, launched in 2015, has enabled us to gain a greater edge in today’s vast marketplace. Sourcing, designing, and manufacturing are all integral parts of Gretty’s story, both today and in the future


Phone: 720-248-3710 | E-mail: gzueger@gmorz.com